S protein is the most important membrane protein on the surface of coronavirus, while N protein is another important structural protein in coronavirus. S protein and N protein are the key raw materials for COVID-19 immunodetection kits, which are of great value for the diagnosis and screening of novel Coronavirus. During the COVID-19 pandemic, serum antibody testing and antigen testing can complement nucleic acid testing, which can speed up screening and support diagnosis of suspected cases.

Test Description Type Item No Source  Use for Application
COVID-19 CN97 rAg GHCA105-10 CHO cell Labeling ELISA,CLIA,LFT
COVID-19 N N protein rAg rAg GHCA105-11 E.coli QC/Labeling ELISA,CLIA,LFT
NP-12F5 mAb GHMA105-17 mouse Coating ELISA,CLIA,LFT
NP-7H6 mAb GHMA105-15 mouse Labeling ELISA,CLIA,LFT
COVID-19 S S1(RBD)-Fc(Human) Ag GHCA105-7 CHO cell Quality Control ELISA,CLIA,LFT
RBD-23F10 Ab GHMA105-2 CHO cell Coating/Labeling ELISA,CLIA,LFT
RBD-29D8 Ab GHMA105-1 CHO cell Coating/Labeling ELISA,CLIA,LFT
Related IgM-6C5 (u chain) mAb GHMA018-2 mouse Coating ELISA,CLIA,LFT
materials IgG-7C4 mAb GHMA019-2 mouse Coating ELISA,CLIA,LFT
Chicken IgY pAb GHPA016 Chicken Labeling ELISA,CLIA,LFT
Goat anti Chicken IgY pAb GHPA017 Goat Coating ELISA,CLIA,LFT
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