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h-FABP has the highest content in cardiomyocytes, but very little in other tissues, and the specificity of cardiomyocytes is strong. After myocardial injury, it can be quickly released into the blood, and its concentration can be detected in the serum at the earliest half hour. It is an ideal marker to reflect myocardial injury.

Description Type Item No Source  Use for Application
h-FABP Antigen rAg GHCA081-1 E.coli Quality Control ELISA,CLIA,LFT
h-FABP-B11 mAb GHMA090-1 mouse Coating ELISA,CLIA,LFT
h-FABP-2F9 mAb GHMA090-2 mouse Labeling ELISA,CLIA,LFT


NT-proBNP is the best myocardial marker for the diagnosis of chronic heart failure and the prevalence of chronic heart failure and acute myocardial infarction.At present, it is the only biochemical index that can be used to evaluate cardiac diastolic function.

Description Type Item No Source  Use for Application
NT-proBNP Antigen rAg GHCA073-1 E.coli Quality Control ELISA,CLIA,LFT
NT-proBNP-21G6 mAb GHMA050-1 mouse Coating ELISA,CLIA,LFT
NT-proBNP-4D1 mAb GHMA050-2 mouse Labeling ELISA,CLIA,LFT


In acute myocardial injury, MYO is released into the bloodstream and may exceed the normal upper limit about 2-3 hours after symptom onset, peaking 9-12 hours before returning to normal 24-36 hours later. Determination of serum myoglobin can be used as the most sensitive index for early diagnosis of acute myocardial infarction (AMI).

Description Type Item No Source  Use for Application
MYO Antigen rAg GHCA068-1 E.coli Quality Control ELISA,CLIA,LFT
MYO-12E3 mAb GHMA029-1 mouse Coating ELISA,CLIA,LFT
MYO-5G4 mAb GHMA029-2 mouse Labeling ELISA,CLIA,LFT
MYO-8E3 mAb GHMA029-3 mouse Labeling ELISA,CLIA,LFT


cTnl only exists in atrial muscle and ventricular muscle, so it has high specificity. Cardiac cTnl has high sensitivity and specificity in reflecting myocardial injury, especially when it is more sensitive than traditional myocardial enzymes for minor myocardial injury and sustained injury.

Description Type Item No Source  Use for Application
cTnI Antigen rAg GHCA072-1 E.coli Quality Control ELISA,CLIA,LFT
cTnI-15C6 mAb GHMA020 mouse Coating ELISA,CLIA,LFT
cTnI-8D3 mAb GHMA021 mouse Labeling ELISA,CLIA,LFT


D-dimer test is often used to diagnose disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC), deep vein thrombosis (DVT), pulmonary embolism, myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction. This index can be used not only for the diagnosis of thrombotic diseases, but also for the dose monitoring and efficacy observation of thrombolytic drugs.

Description Type Item No Source  Use for Application
D-Dimer-1A4 mAb GHMA096-1 mouse Labeling/Coating ELISA,CLIA,LFT
D-Dimer-4E6 mAb GHMA096-2 mouse Labeling/Coating ELISA,CLIA,LFT


MPO can not only identify unstable plaques at early stage, which is one of the inflammatory markers for the early diagnosis of acute coronary syndrome, but also predict the future risk of cardiovascular disease independently, instead of relaying on C-reactive protein and other inflammatory markers.

Description Type Item No Source  Use for Application
MPO-2A7 mAb GHMA059-1 mouse Labeling ELISA,CLIA,LFT
MPO-2E9 mAb GHMA059-2 mouse Coating ELISA,CLIA,LFT
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