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Renal Injury


Detection of urinary microprotein is the most sensitive and reliable diagnostic index for early detection of nephropathy. Through the value of urinary microalbumin, combined with the incidence, symptoms and medical history statement can be more accurate in diagnosis of the disease.

Description Type Item No Source  Use for Application
HSA Antigen Natural GHCA093 Human Quality Control ELISA,CLIA,LFT
HSA-2D7 mAb GHMA049-1 mouse Coating ELISA,CLIA,LFT
HSA-7G3 mAb GHMA049-2 mouse Labeling ELISA,CLIA,LFT


In ischemic or nephrotoxic kidney injury, NGAL is highly expressed by the kidney and are released into urine and plasma. The content of NGAL increases within 2 hours after injury, which makes it an early and sensitive biomarker of kidney injury.

Description Type Item No Source  Use for Application
NGAL Antigen rAg GHCA091 E.coli Quality Control ELISA,CLIA,LFT
NGAL-5A10 mAb GHMA048 mouse Labeling ELISA,CLIA,LFT
NGAL-2A6 mAb GHMA054 mouse Coating ELISA,CLIA,LFT


Normal concentrations of CysC in serum and plasma are ≤1.03mg/L (reference range). When renal function is impaired, the concentration of CysC in the blood varies with the glomerular filtration rate. In renal failure, the glomerular filtration rate decreases and the concentration of CysC in the blood increases more than 10 times. If the glomerular filtration rate is normal and the renal tubules are dysfunctional, the absorption of CysC in the renal tubules will be blocked and it will rapidly decompose , increasing the urine concentration by more than 100 times.

Description Type Item No Source  Use for Application
CysC Antigen rAg GHCA090 E.coli Quality Control ELISA,CLIA,LFT
CysC-17H10 mAb GHMA055 mouse Coating ELISA,CLIA,LFT
CysC-1A6 mAb GHMA056 mouse Labeling ELISA,CLIA,LFT
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