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It is recommended for specific binding of β lactam antibiotics.

Description Type Item No Source  Use for Application
P20 rAg GHCA097-1 E.coli Labeling/Coating ELISA,CLIA,LFT


Cp4-epsps, as a screening marker gene, and other target exogenous genes are integrated into a variety of crops, which is convenient for later screening and also endows transgenic crops with glyphosate resistance characteristics. It is convenient to use glyphosate to eliminate weeds in the field and reduce labor costs.

Description Type Item No Source  Use for Application
CP4 Antigen rAg GHCA047-1 E.coli Quality Control ELISA,CLIA,LFT
CP4-16E5 mAb GHMA093-4 mouse Labeling/Coating ELISA,CLIA,LFT
CP4-4D11 mAb GHMA093-3 mouse Labeling/Coating ELISA,CLIA,LFT

BT Cry Ab/Ac

Cry is toxic to some insects, and BT transgenic is mainly used to improve insect resistance of crops. BT protein can accumulate in the human body and its long-term toxicity cannot be underestimated. BT proteins bind to mammalian intestinal mucosal cells and, at high concentrations, may be toxic to mammals. BT protein can inhibit the immune function and hematopoietic function of the body and cause autoimmune diseases and other potential dangers.

Description Type Item No Source  Use for Application
Cry-2B7 mAb GHMA094-1 mouse Labeling ELISA,CLIA,LFT
Cry-6E9 mAb GHMA094-2 mouse Coating ELISA,CLIA,LFT
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