Canine relaxin is a polypeptide hormone that relaxes the birth canal of dogs before delivery. It is mainly produced in the luteum of the ovary during pregnancy in mammals. In the body has relaxation pubic ligament, inhibit uterine contraction, soften cervix, stimulate mammary gland development, affect milk secretion and other physiological functions.

Description Type Item No Source  Use for Application
RLN Antigen rAg GHCA092 E.coli Quality Control ELISA,CLIA,LFT
RLN-6B6 mAb GHMA095-3 mouse Labeling ELISA,CLIA,LFT
RLN-2F8 mAb GHMA095-6 mouse Coating ELISA,CLIA,LFT


Acute phase reaction protein is slightly different in different species, c-reactive protein (CRP) is the most important acute phase reaction protein in dogs. It plays a positive role in the innate immune response of the body, and can show significant changes in a variety of diseases. It is a biomarker of acute infection and inflammatory diseases.

Description Type Item No Source  Use for Application
CCRP Antigen Ag GHCA056 Canine Quality Control ELISA,CLIA,LFT
CCRP-1E9 mAb GHMA063-3 mouse Coating ELISA,CLIA,LFT
CCRP-8H6 mAb GHMA063-2 mouse Labeling ELISA,CLIA,LFT
CNT-proBNP rAg GHCA102-1 E.coli Quality Control ELISA,CLIA,LFT


It is recommended to use  NT-proBNP for early heart disease screening, combined with electrocardiogram and echocardiography for comprehensive diagnosis, and early drug treatment.

Description Type Item No Source  Use for Application
CNT-proBNP rAg GHCA102-1 E.coli Quality Control ELISA,CLIA,LFT
CNT-proBNP-6C8 mAb GHMA102-1 mouse Coating ELISA,CLIA,LFT
CNT-proBNP-3A4 mAb GHMA102-2 mouse Labeling ELISA,CLIA,LFT


Serum albumin, often abbreviated as ALB. Serum albumin is synthesized in liver and is the most abundant protein in vertebrate plasma.

Description Type Item No Source  Use for Application
CSA Antigen Ag GHCA054 Canine Quality Control ELISA,CLIA,LFT
CCSA-3F7 mAb GHMA068-1 mouse Labeling/Coating ELISA,CLIA,LFT
CCSA-4F4 mAb GHMA068-2 mouse Labeling/Coating ELISA,CLIA,LFT


Canine distemper is a highly contagious disease caused by canine distemper virus. The mortality rate can be as high as 80%.

Description Type Item No Source  Use for Application
CDV19 rAg GHCA096 E.coli Labeling/Coating ELISA,CLIA,LFT
CDV-7G5 mAb GHMA110-1 mouse Coating ELISA,CLIA,LFT
CDV-3D3 mAb GHMA110-2 mouse Labeling ELISA,CLIA,LFT


Up to now, the virus is prevalent all over the world, is one of the most serious infectious diseases of dogs. Canine infection with CPV has a rapid onset and high mortality, and forms an explosive epidemic. Dogs of different ages, genders and breeds can be infected. This product can be used for vaccine effect monitoring.

Description Type Item No Source  Use for Application
CPV27 rAg GHCA079-1 E.coli Labeling/Coating ELISA,CLIA,LFT
CPV-3A9 mAb GHMA114-1 mouse Coating ELISA,CLIA,LFT
CPV-4B7 mAb GHMA114-2 mouse Labeling ELISA,CLIA,LFT


Canine coronavirus is a single plus-stranded RNA virus, which causes gastroenteritis symptoms of varying degrees in dogs, characterized by frequent vomiting, diarrhea, depression, anorexia and other symptoms. The disease can occur all the year round, in winter, the disease is the main infection of dogs, dogs can be infected by respiratory tract, digestive tract, feces and pollutants. Once the disease occurs, it can occur in dogs that are difficult to control. The disease is often associated with canine parvovirus, rotavirus, and other gastrointestinal diseases. Puppy mortality is higher.

Description Type Item No Source  Use for Application
CCV Antigen rAg GHCA058-1 E.coli Quality Control ELISA,CLIA,LFT
CCV-2E6 mAb GHMA112-1 mouse Coating ELISA,CLIA,LFT
CCV-8D5 mAb GHMA112-2 mouse Labeling ELISA,CLIA,LFT

Canine adenovirus II type

Canine adenovirus type ii can cause infectious laryngotracheitis and pneumonia in dogs, the disease is more common in puppies under the age of 4 months, the performance is depressed, do not eat, and vomiting and diarrhea symptoms appear.

Description Type Item No Source  Use for Application
CAV46 rAg GACA054-1 E.coli Labeling/Coating ELISA,CLIA,LFT
CAV2-8B2 mAb GHMA140-1 mouse Labeling/Coating ELISA,CLIA,LFT
CAV2-5G7 mAb GHMA140-2 mouse Labeling/Coating ELISA,CLIA,LFT

G-protein RV

Rabies G protein is the only protein composition of the virus envelope, is the main factor that determines the pathogenicity of RV, is also the only antigen that stimulates the body to produce neutralizing antibodies, and is related to the budding of the virus. As neutralizing antigens,G proteins are also used to detect neutralizing antibodies in animals and evaluate the effectiveness of vaccines.

Description Type Item No Source  Use for Application
GP-4D5 mAb GHMA072-1 mouse Labeling/Coating ELISA,CLIA,LFT
GP-3E9 mAb GHMA072-2 mouse Labeling/Coating ELISA,CLIA,LFT

N-protein RV

Rabies is a zoonotic infectious disease caused by Rabies Virus. N protein is the main component of rabies virus, which has high homology among different strains, and is the preferred marker for diagnosis and screening of rabies virus. G protein is a glycoprotein that forms the surface fibrin of the virus, which can stimulate the body to generate antibodies. The G+N multi-epitope fusion antigen is used for vaccine monitoring.

Description Type Item No Source  Use for Application
NP-21D2 mAb GHMA010 mouse Coating ELISA,CLIA,LFT
NP-17F4 mAb GHMA011 mouse Labeling ELISA,CLIA,LFT

Leptospira canicola

Canine leptospirosis is a zoonotic disease caused by pathogenic leptospirosis. The main manifestations of dogs are hemorrhagic jaundice, high fever, hemorrhagic diathesis, abortion, skin necrosis, edema and other symptoms. The disease occurs mostly in tropical and subtropical areas.

Description Type Item No Source  Use for Application
L112 rAg GACA053-1 E.coli Labeling/Coating ELISA,CLIA,LFT
L89 rAg GACA053-2 E.coli Labeling/Coating ELISA,CLIA,LFT


Toxoplasma gondii causes acute death in animals, abortion, stillbirth and so on. Toxoplasma infection in humans can cause reproductive disorders, encephalitis and ophthalmitis. Serological test is still widely used as an important diagnostic reference. , the detection of toxoplasma specific antibodies from serum or cerebrospinal fluid is an important auxiliary means of Toxoplasma. In particular, IGM positive signals early diagnosis.

Description Type Item No Source  Use for Application
Tox48 rAg CHCA083-1 E.coli Labeling/Coating ELISA,CLIA,LFT

Canine pancreatitis

Canine pancreatitis is a disease caused by trypsin secreted by the pancreas through its digestion of the pancreas and surrounding tissues. It is a common disease occurring in the digestive system, with fever, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and fat diarrhea as the main clinical symptoms.

Description Type Item No Source  Use for Application
CPL-2H4 mAb GHMA131-1 mouse Labeling/Coating ELISA,CLIA,LFT
CPL-5C7 mAb GHMA131-2 mouse Labeling/Coating ELISA,CLIA,LFT